Help and advice


There are loads of great organisations across Devon and the UK who can offer you help and support. Check out the categories below to help find what you need, or you can find groups and support in your part of Devon using our local directory.

If there are any words and phrases that you don’t understand, we’ve also made a handy list of definitions and explanations of some of the terms that you might have come across. 

If you’re very upset about something and need help quickly, please speak to your foster carers, PA or social worker.





















If you’ve been affected by abuse at home and want to find out more about where to get help and the situation is urgent (for example, if there is a fight), please call 999 and ask to speak to the police.

If you aren’t feeling very happy, or you need help with your mental health, these pages may help. If it’s an emergency please speak to your GP, social worker, foster carer or PA. If you or someone close to you are in immediate danger you can call 999 and ask for the police or an ambulance. If it’s something related to mental health and you’re not sure if it’s an emergency or don’t know who to call, please dial the NHS on 111 and get advice from them.