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Useful Links

If you need to talk to someone: on the phone or online, or need help and advice, scroll down through the categories until you find what you’re looking for. If you want to find local services, why not try our local directory? Click here to find groups and support in your part of Devon. If you are very upset about something and need help quickly please speak to your foster carers, PA or social worker.

To get help click the button on the subject you are interested in. 

Advice Here you can get access to general advice and support for young people. There are national and local groups listed here.

Advocacy and speaking up This page is about campaigns and topics that matter to young people.

Arty stuff If you want to be creative, click this button!

Decision makers and policy This is where you will find information about how decisions are made that affect you.

Domestic abuse If you have been affected by abuse at home and want to find out more about where to get help, click this button. If the situation is urgent, e.g. if there is a fight, please call 999 and ask to speak to the police.

Drugs and substance misuse If you or someone you know has a problem with drugs or alcohol, please click this button. This can mean “over the counter” drugs that you buy in the chemist, “legal highs” as well as street or illicit drugs.

Emotional health and wellbeing If you aren’t feeling very happy, or you need help with your mental health, these pages may help. If it is an emergency please speak to your GP, social worker, foster carer or PA. If you or someone close to you are in immediate danger you can call 999 and ask for the police or an ambulance. If it is something related to mental health and you are not sure if it is an emergency or don’t know who to call please dial the NHS on 111 and get advice from them.

Employment and volunteering Here is some advice and information about employment and volunteering to help you get a really good job!

Finance and benefits If money advice or welfare benefits are confusing, these pages will help. 

Health For general advice and information about health, click here. This includes contact details for the Children in Care nurses.

Helplines If you would like to speak to someone about any problems you might be having, try these helplines. There are also links to safe online chat rooms especially for young people.

Internet stuff Just some information about internet things, including how to keep safe.

Leaving care Information and support for people leaving care. Find out if you are a care leaver, and what you are entitled to.

Legal stuff and your rights Sometimes it’s useful to know your rights and how the system works.

Sex and relationships Click here for advice and support about contraception, pregnancy, sex, sexuality and relationship advice

Youth clubs Find out where our youth clubs in Devon are.