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This page is part of our handy list of definitions and explanations of some of the terms that you might have come across but didn’t know what they meant. If you think we’ve missed something, let us know, and we’ll look at added it to the list. 

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Your social worker will have a manager and it is this person’s job to make sure your social worker is doing the job properly. The manager also makes decisions that your social worker can’t make on their own.

Mind of My Own

Sometimes you have thoughts, views and feelings that you want to share with the people involved in your care. Perhaps it’s something you want to do, change or complain about. Mind of My Own is an app and a web-link that can help you express your views and feelings at a time that suits you. It can be used on a normal computer, as well as iPhones and Android devices. If you are over 11, it is best to look for ‘Mind of My Own One’ in the app store. Your views and feelings are passed to whichever worker you want to hear you. To find out more visit

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

The Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) is the place where all safeguarding and child protection enquiries are dealt with. The MASH is staffed by professionals from a range of agencies including police, probation, fire, ambulance, health, education and social care. These professionals share information so that children can be protected and significant harm can be prevented.


Minutes are notes that are taken at a meeting so that there is a written copy of everything that was discussed. There will always be someone ‘taking minutes’ at a meeting; or ‘minuting’ what’s being discussed. This means that your social worker or other workers can check back and see what was discussed/agreed. You should get copies of the minutes of any meeting (such as your CIC review) that you were in.