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Health Assessment/Health Check

These are assessments and checks on your health by a children’s nurse or doctor especially for children in care. These checks are more frequent when you’re young than when you’re a teenager but are supposed to happen at least once a year and every child should have a Health Plan. Carers should make sure that you see a dentist regularly and have sight and hearing tests as well as making sure you take your medication. If you are 16 years or over, you can say if you want to have medical examinations and treatment. Where appropriate, young people under 16 may also have a say. It is for the doctor to decide when a young person is capable of giving informed consent after consultation with those that know them best.

Health Professionals

These are doctors, nurses, consultants, therapists, psychologists and other qualified staff who provide medical care or information. Their job it is to make sure that children and young people are healthy.

Higher Education

This is education for people over 18 which includes a degree course, a Master’s degree and a doctorate (PhD).

Human Rights/Human Rights Act

Every person on the planet is entitled to some basic rights, and Human Rights are laid down in a document called the ‘Human Rights Act’. This became law here in 1998 and now the British Government and British lawyers have to show that the things they do are supported by the Human Rights Act.