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This page is part of our handy list of definitions and explanations of some of the terms that you might have come across but didn’t know what they meant. If you think we’ve missed something, let us know, and we’ll look at added it to the list. 

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Key Stage

You might hear this phrase in school – and you might see things like KS2 and KS3 written on documents. A key stage is a set of year groups that you are in at a particular age at school. There are 4 key stages; Key Stage 1 is for 5-7 year olds and Key Stage 4 is for 14-16 year olds. You might hear about Key Stage 5 too, but this is more often referred to as 6th form.


Every child or young person who lives in a residential unit will have a keyworker and it’s the keyworker’s job to make sure that the care plan is being followed and that the young person is happy and settled where they’re living.

Kinship Care

This means you’re being looked after by a member of your family who is not your parent, and you’re supported by the County Council. This could be your grandparents, older brothers and sisters or aunts and uncles.