Art Activities – Summer 2021


These are the fantastic art activities on offer this summer. Full details of how to book are available here.


The following details apply to all the sessions:

  • Each day will start at 10.00am and finish at 3.00 pm.
  • Participants will need to bring a packed lunch, plenty of snacks and drinks to last them for the duration of each day.
  • Participants are advised to wear old clothing they don’t mind getting messy in.
  • Carers are responsible for dropping off/picking up their children/young people. Unfortunately, the Virtual School cannot fund or arrange transport.


Mosaic Making

2, 3 and 4 August

Age: 14-18 years old

Spaces: 12 space available in total – you must attend all three days

Venue: The Mint Methodist Church Centre, Exeter

Artist: Monica Shanta Brown

Description: Participants in this three-day project will each make a mosaic panel to their own design either entirely of mosaic or a mirror with a mosaic surround.

All the participants will be working with an experienced artist, learning traditional mosaic techniques. They will be supported at every stage of the process; through developing a design, scaling it up, cutting and gluing mosaic pieces and finally grouting. At the end of three fun, creative and rewarding days, each participant will have had the opportunity to complete their own personal mosaic, of approximately 40 x 40cms, for interior use.

The mosaics will be created on wooden panels, from a wide choice of coloured glass mosaic pieces, many colours of ceramic tiles, collected patterned crockery and lots of other twinkly glass beads and visual treats.

This will be an intensive project and a full commitment to the full three days is absolutely essential.


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4 and 5 August

Age: 11-14 years old

Spaces: 12 space available in total – you must attend both days

Venue: King Edward VI Community College, Totnes

Artist: Double Elephant Printmaking

Description: Fancy getting creative but don’t know where to start? This two-day workshop will give you a taste of what printmaking has to offer and the confidence to develop your interest further.

Anyone can print, whether or not you perceive yourself to be ‘artistic’. Printmaking does not necessarily rely on drawing or technical skills, and pleasing results can be achieved quickly and straightforwardly. Put simply, within 15 minutes a person of any age, with no prior experience, can produce an original artwork that they will take pride in displaying. However, beyond the basics of entry level printmaking, there is endless scope for experimentation. We’ll explore a variety of printmaking techniques from mono print/mono type, drypoint and collagraph techniques. You will get to create work using quick, immediate processes and small, quick to print plates.

You will be taken on a journey of discovery where individuals can discover their own natural mark making styles, with the encouragement of a practicing artist printmaker and other young people. We aim for it to be fun, relaxed, supportive, encouraging and informative.


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Textile Making

11 and 12 August

Age: 7-11 years old

Spaces: 12 space available in total – you must attend both days

Venue: The Ockment Centre, Okehampton

Artist: Jess Carvill

Description: An exciting, creative journey into the colourful world of textile design! Over the two days you will be introduced to:

  • Wet Felting: felt from wool is considered to be the oldest textile known to man. You will learn how to make sheets of coloured pre felt which you will then use to build into your very own underwater seascapes. You will be guided through enjoyable soap and water processes that will bond the wool fibres into a permanent fabric. You will also experience how to felt over small 3D objects when you create felted pebble pets.
  • Tie Dye, Pen and Print: you will also be exploring a number of techniques in order to decorate and personalize your very own eco canvas bags. You will learn how to create big, bold patterns using tie dye technique s You will also have the opportunity to experiment and combine processes to build up colourful designs using textile pens and printing blocks.


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Painting, Drawing and Collage

13 and 14 August

Age: 7-11 years old

Spaces: 12 space available in total – you must attend both days

Venue: Georgie’s Youth Centre, Barnstaple

Artist: Anna Boland

Description: Do you like art? Enjoy painting, mark making, collage and experimenting with new and different materials? Do you want to do more? Then sign up to take part in this two-day workshop in painting, drawing and collage.

During the two-day workshop you will have the chance to explore a wide range of painting and collage techniques processes and learn how to combine different materials together to produce a series of different outcomes. Workshops will be hands on you will have the chance to test and experiment with different materials and have lots of fun.


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Recycled Sculpture Making

16 and 17 August

Age: 11-14 years old

Spaces: 12 space available in total – you must attend both days

Venue: The Beehive, Honiton

Artist: Peter Margerum

Description: This workshop will give the you the opportunity to create three dimensional sculptures using a wide selection of recycled wood, metal and plastic materials and household objects, which are joined together with screws, nuts, bolts and wire fixings.

A selection of hand tools and battery drills will be available for cutting and assembling the materials. The sculptures can be based upon a wildlife or environmental topic, or purely abstract shapes. They can include hand operated moving and rotating parts using hinges and spindles, plus musical and sound making features. The sculptures can be free standing, suspended on wire, hand held or worn as masks and headwear. The sculptures can be used in a short celebration or a ‘light and shadow’ performance at the end of the two-day workshop.


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