Health passports

If you are 16 years old or older, or are a carer supporting a young person, you are eligible for a health passport from your Children in Care Nurse team. The health passports have been designed by young people for young people, and you can learn more about them below.

What is a health passport?

A health passport is a really handy, small book that allows you to store all your health information in one place – information such as your immunisation history, details of your birth and where this information can be found. There’s even space to jot down telephone numbers for your doctor or dentist and other helpful information that’s useful to have to hand.

Why are health passports useful?

If you become ill or need medical help, you should find having all that information in one easily accessible place incredibly handy. Your GP should have most of this information, but this is your personal record – so you can quickly look up the information for yourself if you need to. You can keep your health passport and add to it throughout your life, so it might also be helpful if you become pregnant or you are a parent yourself.

How much are they?

They are absolutely free!

What if I lose my health passport?

Simply contact your local Children in Care Nurse team, and we will send you another one. Replacements are absolutely free as well!

When will I be offered my health passport?  

You should be offered a health passport at the time of your review health assessment when you are about 16 years of age. This timing was specifically requested by young people, as it makes it easier to link in with your pathway planning.

What if I miss my health review? Can I still have a health passport?

Of course! Just contact our team, and we will send you one in the post.

What have other young people said about health passports?

Young people have told us they really appreciate the health passport and all the info included in it.

Any questions?

If you’ve got any further questions, call our Children in Care Nurse team via the Single Point of Access: 03300 245 321. The team have lots of helpful information that the can share with you, and they organise your annual health review too.