Acronyms guide


Acronyms can be a right pain, and they might leave you scratching your head wondering what they mean! So, we’ve created this guide to some of the most common acronyms that you might come across.

This is meant as a quick guide to just acronyms, but you’ll find more information about some of them in our handy list of definitions and explanations.


ADM – Agency Decision Maker

ASW – Adopt South West

ASYE – Assessed Supported Year Employment

CAMHS – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

CARP – Childrens Access to Resource Panel

CFCN – Children and Families North

CFCS – Children and Families South

CIC – Child In Care

CIN – Child In Need

CLA – Child Looked After

CP – Child Protection

EDT – Emergency Duty Team

EH – Early Help

EHCP – Educational Health Care Plan

FC – Foster Carer
FDM – Fostering Decision Maker

FFA – Friends and Family Assessment

FGC – Family Group Conference

FOC – Father Of Child

FP – Family Practitioner
ICS – Integrated Childrens Services

IFA – Independent Fostering Association

IHA – Initial Health Assessment
IRO – Independent Reviewing Officer

IRT – Initial Response Team

JACAT – Journey After Child Abuse Team

JACP – Joint Agency Commissioning Panel

LPM – Legal Planning Meeting

MACE – Missing and Child Exploitation

MACSE – Missing and Child Sexual Exploitation
MASH – Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub

MOC – Mother Of Child

P+T – Permanency And Transition

PA – Personal Advisor

PEP – Personal Education Plan

PLO – Public Law Outline

PPO – Police Protection Order

PPU – Public Protection Unit

PRP – Placement Review Panel

QARRS – Quality Assurance Review Service

RAA – Review Adoption Assessment

REACH – Reducing Exploitation and Absence from Care or Home

RHA – Review Health Assessment

S17 – Section 17

S20 – Section 20

S47 – Section 47

SARC – Sexual Assault Referral Centre

SEND – Special Educational Needs and Disability

SGO – Special Guardianship Order

SSW – Senior Social Worker / Student Social Worker / Supervising Social Worker

SW – Social Worker

TC – Telephone Contact