Children in Care guides

an illustration of a girl on a book

Sometimes your parents can’t look after you and your social worker will decide that it is better for you not to live at home. They will see if you have other relatives (family like grandmother or uncle) or friends who can look after you, if this is not possible Devon County Council will look after you and keep you safe, this is called being in care.

While you are in care your social worker will work hard to help and support you. This may mean meetings with other people like teachers and other social workers, as well as members of your family, but you will always be asked what you think.

You may be feeling very confused, upset and worried about what is happening, but you need to know that it is not your fault. Your foster carer and social worker will talk to you about what is happening, why it is happening and will help you understand.

To help you understand more, we’ve produced two handy guides which explains all aspects of being in care. We’ve split them into two different age groups:

If you’d like a printed copy, please ask your social worker.