Relationships and Keeping Safe: Devon Care Leavers Offer

• Our aim, wherever possible, is to provide you with a consistent Social Worker to support you from 16 – 18 years. If you move places, we will visit you within 1 week on the first visit, and a minimum of every 6 weeks thereafter.
• From 16-21 you will have an allocated PA who can support you to get the all the services and support you need.


• Where appropriate, we will help you to continue your contact with your independent visitor (if you have one).
• We will help you to regain or maintain contact with people who are special to you.
• If you move after you turn 18: if you are 21 or under, we will visit you in the first week. We will then visit you again after 4 weeks. We will agree with you, how you would like your contact including how often. This will be at the least, every 8 weeks.
• If you need advice, guidance and support while you are 21 – 25 years of age you can request ask for a Personal Advisor. Their job is to support you to overcome challenges that you may be facing.Back

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