Make a Complaint

Make a Complaint


Our promise!

Sometimes the only way to get your voice heard is to make a complaint. If you feel that the services you have received are not what you expected you have the right to do this.

Have your say with Devon County Council in a safe space. We’ll make sure your complaint is taken seriously and dealt with sensitively. What you tell us could help someone else in the future. Scroll down for how to do this.

You might also want to tell us when something is REALLY GOOD! In the same way as making a complaint, please use the contact details provided to say when things have gone well for you or a particular worker has done something that worked out great for you.


Mind of My Own is an app you can download to your phone. All comments from the app go to the participation team. We ensure your comments and complaints can be dealt with promptly.

Use it:

– on your own, or with a worker or carer
– when you need to get something off your chest
– when you have a meeting, instead of paper forms
– when you want to share some good news
– to sort out a problem or make a complaint

Check out the Mind of My Own website and download the app. If you need any help with this just ask the Participation Team or your worker.



Customer Relations Team

You can also find out how to make a complaint directly to Children’s Services here.  The team are very friendly and will help you to get things sorted. You have a legal right to have your complaint taken seriously.


You are entitled to help from an advocate if you need to make a complaint. An advocate is someone who helps you to communicate and discuss things with the council and the people who run services.

Here is some information about how to get an advocate from the National Youth Advocacy Service.



How can I get an advocate?

You can contact NYAS direct, or you can ask someone to contact them for you by:
Phone: 0800 808 1001
Web: NYAS secure referral portal
Web: Secure online chat and advice room for children and young people (includes NYAS App download)

What happens after referral?

You will be contacted by a member of staff from NYAS. They will help you to understand what support is needed. They will make an appointment to meet up and discuss what help you need.

Who will I see?

The child or young person will see an advocate who will understand their wishes and support them to speak up and have their say through their issue. The advocate is able to support the child or young person at meetings too.

What happens when I come to the service?

The service will more be more likely to visit you in a place where you wish to meet..

What happens when I become an adult?

There are other advocacy services available if needed. More detail is on this web page.

More information

is available on our local offer pages.