Make a Complaint

Our promise!

We feel it’s really important that you have the opportunity to make a complaint if you feel that the services you have received are not what you expected. Have your say here in a safe, private space and one of us will contact you. We’ll make sure your complaint is taken seriously and dealt with sensitively. What you tell us could help someone else in the future.

MOMO (Mind of My Own)

The original MOMO app that helps you say what you want, when you want.

MOMO One helps you organise your thoughts in a way that SMS and instant messaging apps just can’t.

Use it:

– on your own, or with a worker or carer
– when you need to get something off your chest
– when you have a meeting, instead of paper forms
– when you want to share some good news
– to get a problem sorted or make a complaint

Check out the MOMO website and download the app, if you need any help with this just ask us.

Customer Relations Team

You can also find out how to make a complaint directly to Children’s Services here.  They team are very friendly and will help you to get things sorted.