Local Offer photo competition

15 June 2021

a selection of Polaroid images showing SUSU meet ups


Calling all Care Leavers! We need your pictures for our new Local Offer – and your images could earn you a free Amazon voucher!

A new Local Offer

A group of you have been working hard with our Corporate Parenting Manager, Julie, to improve the Local Offer for Care Leavers.

The content is coming along nicely with lots of better support heading your way. Now we need to work on what it looks like. Our current Local Offer looks like this.

Some of you have said that it is really important that the pictures in the Local Offer are relatable and connect with Devon – not just stock images of random young people or tourist photos of where we live! So, we are launching a competition to make sure that happens!

Competition details

  • Simply send us any and as many photos as you like that you think would be good to include in the Local Offer
  • Email your images to participation@devon.gov.uk
  • If one or more of your pictures make it into the final document, you’ll get a free Amazon vouchers!
  • If you include pictures of people, then those people will have to fill in a consent form (we can provide this) as the document will be public and sent out to all Devon Care Leavers aged 18-25.
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