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How we can help you

If you work for or represent Devon County Council children’s service commissioners or providers, then we can help you with youth engagement and involvement needs.

Involving young people in the early stages of service design and development can make all the difference to the way the service appears to them. By taking their perspective in service commissioning, development or change, you can see first hand how children and young adults could experience the service. By involving them in discussions and service reviews, training staff and interviewing new recruits, your service will benefit from the unparalleled insights that result from engagement activity.

We are currently building a database of interested young people who use our services who can step into these roles. You may already have some people in mind and need our help in designing and faciliating engagement activitiy.  To help our uniquely experienced young people get involved in your:

-focus group

-survey or questionnaire

-interview panel

-training day

-reference group

-something else

contact us here using the sign up form and we will be pleased to:

-advise you on the best way to engage and involve children and young adults

-develop a plan with you to help this work succeed

For more information please contact rob.elkins@devon.gov.uk

To view our staff recruitment and interviewing protocol, please click here.

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