Stand Up Speak Up meet ups


We arrange monthly get-togethers for young people aged 10-15 in Exeter, North Devon, South Devon and Mid & East Devon. The aim of these Children in Councils is for you to have the chance to be able to voice your opinions and ideas on the services you’ve experienced and the future services you may need or receive.

the Participation Team

What sort of things happen at these meet-ups?

While we call Stand Up Speak Up our Children in Care Council, these meetings often happen in your local youth centres where you can participate in activities such as cooking, baking, playing pool and arts and crafts. Alongside these activities, we also spend time each month having a discussion about a particular topic, chosen by either you or by us.


How can I get involved?

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve had to temporarily pause all of our face-to-face groups. Don’t worry though, as we’re now running virtual groups instead! More info about the virtual groups and how to get involved with them can be found here.