• We will support and fund you to apply for identifying documentation ie passport, provisional licence and your National Insurance number before you turn 18 if you are eligible.

• We will help you open a bank account and support you to gain access to your junior ISA.

• We will support you to set up home, a care leaver grant to help to purchase items to fully furnish your new home.

• Care leavers who are 16-17 years of age living in supported accommodation will be provided with a weekly allowance equivalent to benefits to support them to live independently.

• We will provide you with a financial gift on your birthday and provide a Christmas or festival allowance up to the age of 18.

• We will advise you on what support is available in an emergency situation.

• We will work with the job centre and benefit agencies, if you agree, to resolve any issues for you and ask that your Personal Advisor (or duty worker) is contacted before any sanction is put in place.

• From the age of 16 until 21 You will have a PA who has knowledge of benefits and the claims process.

• We will provide financial education for all care leavers and debt management support when needed.

Click here for entitlements for care leavers.

Financial Support

The Who Cares Trust have produced a leaflet all about financial entitlements for care leavers over the age of 18.  Follow this link  to see what you could be entitled to.  You can show this to your personal advisor or worker and ask them to support you to get funding.

Click here to find out about charitable grants which may be payable when things get very difficult.