A-level and GCSE results

12th August 2020

a student chewing nervously on a pencil while looking at a laptop

As some of you will be aware, A-level and GCSE exam results are out very soon – but the pandemic means that things are a little different. So, here’s what you need to know about this year’s results.

The exams and assessments were cancelled this year due to coronavirus (COVID-19). However, most students will still receive grades in time to progress to further study or employment. A-levels results are released on Thursday 13 August; GCSEs on Thursday 20 August.

Earlier today (Wednesday 12 August), the Department for Education announced a “triple lock” on exam results in England this year. What that means in simple terms is that your grades will be the highest out of your estimated grades, your mocks and an optional written exam in the autumn – so your final results will be no lower than your mock results. And don’t worry about which one ends up being the best, as all three outcomes will hold the same value for universities, colleges and employers.

More information about how estimated grades will be calculated, plus advice about options available to you if you don’t get the grades you want is available on the government’s website.

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