Congratulations to our care leavers!

19th November 2020

Zara holding a badge

As a Participation Team, we are always so proud of our Children in Care and Care Leavers who speak up on behalf of others and campaign to see things improve for young people.

the Coram Voice logoThis month, we would like to give a particular shout out to Ellie Cooper and Zara Clench who have both been selected by Coram Voice as ambassadors for A National Voice! A National Voice is like a Care Leaver council but for the whole of England, so it’s great that their voices will be heard at a national level.

What’s more, Zara is also becoming a prominent voice on Twitter for IMO (In My Opinion). You can check out her recent podcast on being at Uni as a Care Leaver!

And one final bit of excellent news to celebrate comes as part of the Children’s Commissioner virtual event this month. As part of the event, there will be a young people’s panel of young people who will be answering questions from the audience about what it’s really like to be in care. And we are proud to announce that one of our Devon young people, Luke White, has been selected to be on the panel! Congratulations Luke!

If you want to join the Commissioner’s event on 24th November at 3pm, you can sign up to watch the event live.

We think that these successes demonstrate that young people can participate at any level that suits them – from just hanging out in a youth group and raising issues with our team and other young people who are in the same situation – to speaking out and campaigning on a national level. Remember that your voice is important, and you can make a real difference!

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