You Said! We Did!

This is the space where you can see the difference your involvement has made and see the power and influence your words have!


You said

We did

We want meetings in our communities where we live We changed the CICC to come out to each of the eight districts in Devon
We want to be part of interviewing staff for jobs We invited young people to run panels as part of the recent restructuring interviews
You asked to keep RIO We will keep RIO and JAM and we will be starting a new group in the south
One of you asked to shadow Robina Khan A programme of work has been set up to do this
Making the care leaver groups bi-weekly would not be good because you needed lots of support and it would be hard to know which week it was We explained we will be starting a group in Barnstaple in September and in Totnes in January and that our resources need to be shared out, and that we would try to keep you better informed. We also said we would pass your feelings onto Robina Khan
You would like young people to be involved in recruiting foster carers We will train a group of care leavers aged 20+ who have been in foster care to be a panel
MOMO is difficult to find on app store We have asked the software developer. Their reply is that the way to get the app higher up the Google Play list is to write positive reviews of the app which you can do at
Are we any nearer with our text out service and does the number clearly show it’s from DCC We have asked IT to investigate this and also asked a senior manager to get involved
 No more posh sandwiches when we help out at events  We have passed this to the caterers
Please don’t send complaint acknowledgements by secure ‘egress’ email as we cant quickly see what they are and aren’t sure you have received our views.  The Customer Relations Team have changed their policy and will now send a separate email so you know that your complaint has been received safely




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This is more like a “You did, we said….” We say, “This is a fab picture drawn by a young person in care in Devon!”



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