Change the Label! – A National Voice’s stigma campaign

22nd June 2020

a label with the hashtag "#changethelabel"

Last month we told you about A National Voice’s new campaign to tackle stigma. Well, today’s the day that the campaign officially launches.

A National Voice have spent the last month discussing the range of stigma that children in care and care leavers face, with the new campaign designed to help tackle this complex issue. And after these discussions, young people have decided that the campaign should be called “Change the Label!”

As part of the campaign, a “Change the Label” card has been created – the idea being that care-experienced people fill out the card based on their experiences, thereby helping change people’s perceptions and understand that we are more than just our care status.

To join in and get your voice heard:

If you need some inspiration, here are some examples:

  • Example of a care-experienced supporters’ card; “I am more than my care status, I am… an artist and mother/singer and business owner/social worker/parent/activist and friend”
  • Example of an ally’s card; “You are more than your care status, I will… not use stigmatizing language and challenge other when they do.”
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