Being in care

Being in care can be hard to make sense of. We’ve tried to answer some of your questions about being in care. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for here speak to your social worker, foster carer or email us

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The Pledge is a list of promises that we are making to all children and young people in care in Devon. It also tells the adults who work with children in care what they should be doing to support you. Last Christmas we reviewed our pledge with you and your carers.  Watch this space for an update soon …. until then see below ….

Our Pledge to Children in Care

You can read the full ‘Our Pledge’ here 2014 Our Pledge to Children in Care,

The Pledge Video

Watch a short film made by us here.

The Pledge Promises

You can read the 15 Pledge promises here.

Who’s Who in Social Care?

The Who Cares Trust have made this really useful leaflet explaining Social Care people and workers you might meet; from Independent Reviewing Officers to the Director of Children’s Services.  The leaflet also explains what everybody does and what you can expect from them. Click here Who Cares Trust Whos Who and speak to your carer or worker for more information or if you want them to help you to speak directly to one of the workers described in the leaflet.

Devon Children’s Services has a Mission Statement

this mission statement was written by children in care and it is:

Working to improve the safety and wellbeing of children and young people who are in care or leaving care across Devon by

  • Providing support if it is needed
  • Sticking to the promises made to children and young people in ‘Our Pledge’
  • Fulfilling children and young people’s mental, physical, social and emotional needs

The Youth Participation Team consulted with groups of children and young people aged 11 – 19 who are under the care of Devon Children’s Services in the North, South and East of Devon.

Young people looked at examples of Mission Statements from a wide range of sectors and undertook exercises to ensure that they understood the function of a Mission Statement. The team then we asked them to come up with a statement of their own individually. Next they were supported to combine their ideas into one super-statement which they all agreed expressed the main purpose of Devon’s Children’s Services as they saw it. We think they’ve done a fantastic job and we think it will serve as a good reminder to social workers of why they should keep working hard and how to do the best job.

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