Annual Survey: Bright Spots

Annual Survey: Bright Spots

What’s this about?

In 2018, Devon County Council services asked Coram Voice to conduct a survey of children and young people in care and care leavers. The survey is part of a national programme called “Bright Spots” developed by Coram Voice with the University of Bristol. This programme aims to improve the well-being of children and young people in care by identifying and promoting practices that have a positive influence on them.

The Devon survey is called “Your Life, Your Care”. Coram  Voice compared the results of the Devon survey for children in care to those of the rest of England. This means that we can tell how well we are doing  in Devon, in relation to other local authorities.  You can read the Devon Children in Care report here. Still being analysed, the results of the Care Leaver’s survey, “Your Life Beyond Care” will be published here as soon as we get them.

What happened as a result of this work?

In response to the points raised, Devon County Council prepared a set of postcards. These will be given out to children and young people. The cards indicate actions to be taken by the council to improve its service to children and young people in care. There are three age ranges (4- 7 years old, 8-11 years old and 11-18 years old).  You can view the results by clicking on the thumbnails below. These will be available as a postcard through Devon County Council staff and Children in Care nurses.


You said (4-7 years old)            We will (4-7 years old)



You said (8-11 years old)        We will (8-11 years old)



You said (11-18 years old)       We will (11-18 years old)



Next steps

As part of a cycle of continuous improvement in the quality of services, Devon County Council will repeat the survey again this year. The results will help everyone in the workforce to become better at how they care for young people. It will also tell Devon County Council if  young people in care feel that things have got better or worse.

Look out for the postcards ! Virtual School, Children in Care Nurses and social workers will give these out. People will be able to see the results of taking part.  To follow, there will be an online link for you to complete on your own, if you like. You can get help from your designated teacher, Children in Care nurse or a member of the participation team if you prefer. To find out more, please ask your social worker or designated teacher.