Accommodation: Devon care leaver’s local offer

• If you are 16 or 17, we will support you in finding a safe housing option that meets your needs and help you to understand your rights and entitlements if you decide to leave care.

• We will give you the option to stay put with your foster carer until you are 21 if you and your foster carer agree to this and this is seen to be the best thing for you.

• We will provide practical support for you to move to different accommodation when needed.

• We will support you when you reach 18 years and above to find somewhere suitable to live, listening to your wishes and needs as outlined in the Homelessness Act 2017, you will have a priority with the housing department who we will work with on your behalf.

• We will support you as a guarantor. A guarantor is someone who vouches for you legally and agrees to be responsible for your rental costs if you fail to make payments. If an assessment advises that you are ready and able.

• We may support your exemption from Council Tax (where you live in an area where this applies) – If you are over 18 and live in privately rented accommodation you will need to pay council tax. You may be entitled to some exemptions if you are in education (over 21 hours per week) or are unemployed

• We will support you with driving lessons – If you pay for 5 lessons DCC will pay for a further 5, ongoing lessons will need to be met in cost 50-50 up to a maximum of 10 lessons.

• We can also support you to gain your CBT motorcycle training

Staying put

The National Care Advisory Service have created a guide for young people about “Staying Put”. A change in the law means your local authority has to support you and your foster carer after you are 18 to live together if that is what everyone wants. You can read this here.

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